Family Photography at Home // Brittany & Dave

I love photographing this family so dang much. Both Brittany and Dave are so calm in their parenting and the kids really pick up on it. We did a similar routine to our session last year. It started with a few picks at home where the kiddos are comfortable (also so they could warm back up to me). We went for a quick bike ride up the street and then to the field behind their house. The light was so golden and delicious. Brittany’s parents joined us for a bit for some photos on the porch.

If you want lots of candid photos, I wholeheartedly recommend doing some at home. It’s okay if your house isn’t straight out of Pinterest.

Usually, when I arrive at a home session, I ask the kiddos to see their room(s). I get down on their level by sitting on the floor with them and read the room to see if bringing out my camera too soon will make them nervous. In the beginning, I’ll show them the back of the screen a lot and even let them push the shutter button a few times. I try to make everything as playful and light as possible so we can capture your kid’s true smile. If you’d like to book a home session, you can contact me here.

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